Stem Cells Skin Rejuvenation


The skin is the visible part of the human body. It reflects exactly the youth of the person. It is the mirror of youth.

Can you rejuvenate the skin for real? Can the body be rejuvenated?

The answer is: YES and NO

You can't rejuvenate anything naturally.

You can not rejuvenate the skin naturally but if you can rejuvenate artificially

Rejuvenation Cell Therapy VS Anti-Aging Cell Therapy

Thousands of years ago, pre-ADAMIC men had a cancer genitive. The genetics of cancer provided a natural cell therapy, to the pre-ADAMIC body, type "rejuvenation". It was a genetics that provided bifunctional cells. By day all cells functioned as specialized somatic cells. At night all the cells functioned as stem cells, with the ability to divide to originate new somatic cells.
The cells had NO telomeres. At night they could be divided as many times as necessary to fully repair the damaged tissues during the day. Their metabolism was anaerobic (without oxygen) much faster than the current aerobic. The GPR 55 protein was free and could act constantly by activating " cell plasia " (formation of new tissues). The oncogene governed cancerous metabolism.

Stem cells without telomeres.

Stem cells could divide without "telomeric restriction". They could divide endlessly as many times as necessary to replenish, with living cells, the dead cells during the day. Pre-ADANIC cells functioned with anaerobic metabolism. Anaerobic metabolism is that of cancer cells. It is 200 times faster in producing energy than the current aerobic metabolism of today's healthy cells. Cancer cells (anaerobic cells) grow faster than healthy aerobic (non-cancerous) cells. Pre-ADAMICs could totally rejuvenate their damaged tissues during the day. Their stem cells quickly duplicated in one night and replenished all the dead cells with new and lively ones. When they woke up in the morning the pre-ADAMICs were totally rejuvenated, always young. Before ADAM there was no aging on Earth.

But ADAM, our father, came to change the genetics of the pre-ADAMICS. ADAM had a genetics of "ANTI-AGING LIMITED TO 60 TELOMERES

With ADAM came the telomere, the telomere stem cell, the specialized somatic daughter cell, the mitochondria, aerobic metabolism and tumor suppressor gene and cb3 receptor to encapsulate the GPR 55 protein and for anandamide.

Telomeres are fragments of repetitive DNA that start chromosomes. They are " counters " of cell divisions. Every time a telomere stem cell divides to create a daughter cell, it loses a telomere. When all the allowed divisions are spent, (all the telomeres are lost), the stem cell can no longer divide. It can no longer originate any more daughter cells and then cell turnover ceases.

Beyond telomere 60, aging or cancer begins.

Adam's stem cells had 60 telomeres. They could only be divided 60 times. The life of a daughter cell is programmed in time (" planned obsolescence "), and is 10 years. At the end of its permitted decade the daughter cell commits suicide to leave the site to another younger cell. The 60 cell divisions allowed to each of the human stem cells (ADÁNICAS) give for a cell turnover limited in time, with a limit of 60 telomeres. In this type of anti-aging cell therapy, the cells that commit suicide (cell apoptosis or natural cell death) are replaced by other cells of the following decade, contiguous, but the cells that are killed (by infection, trauma, heat, radiation, poison, etc.) are not replaced but borrowed from cell divisions reserved for future decades. ADANIC Anti-Aging Cell Therapy serves only to keep the ADANIC human body young for a longevity of one hundred and twenty years (60 telomeres). It only serves to replenish suicidal cells. But it does not serve to replenish murdered cells. If we waste cells by murdering them before their programmed death, for example by thermal shock after a burn, by metabolic shock in a competition race, by traumatic shock in an accident, by chemical shock in an intoxication, by bacterial shock in an infection, etc. we age. Every living cell is a drop of youth that must be kept alive for 10 years. If we keep them all we do not age during our allowed longevity of "and their days will be one hundred and twenty years".
In the anti-aging cell therapy Adamic in each decade we are completely renewed. Every 10 years we release new body (NOT AGED). But if we waste cells by killing them ahead of time and borrow them from future times, by the time we reach the depleted decade of cells (the decade that lent them to us, ahead of us) our appearance will be aged.


On Earth before ADAM pre-ADAMIC men lived without aging or disease because every night they totally rejuvenated.

Earth is a planet that has suffered several cosmic cataclysms. It is literally lined with heavy metals. Heavy metals damage cells. They age and kill them prematurely. To live on Earth with a healthy body, genetics that provides a "total rejuvenation" type cell therapy is essential. For this reason pre-ADAMIC men had the genetics "REJUVENATION" and could live here healthy and young.

With rejuvenation genetics, pre-ADAMICs could do whatever they wanted without danger of getting older or sick. They spent their time working physically. They had a brain endorphin reward system. The more physical exertion they made, the more endorphins they received from their brains. The more intense muscle work, the more pleasure they received. So they worked and worked non-stop, from Sun to Sun, throughout the daytime. They spent their time working for pleasure but not to learn how this " UNIVERSE OF LOVE " works.
The ELOHIM decided to change the genetics of the pre-ADAMICs. They decided to give them genetics that would allow them to remain young only for a LIMITED TIME of "and their days will be one hundred and twenty years", on the condition that they lead a quieter and more leisurely life. More relaxed, without killing cells to work for the pleasure of endorphin. They wanted that with the new genetics they would not be happy working with pick and shovel but that they would be happy learning the law of LOVE that governs this UNIVERSE GIVE / RECEIVE.

And they sent an ADAM to Earth to hybridize with the pre-ADAMIC and originate a new race of ADAMIC men of "anti-aging" genetics limited to a longevity of one hundred and twenty years of GOOD BEHAVIOR.

On Earth a GARDEN was planted, the GARDEN of EDEN. It was a garden containing " PHYTIC " fruit trees. Phytic fruit trees are those that produce and use " phytic acid " as a metal chelator. The metals that absorb their roots are captured by the phytic acid that forms phytate with them. Phytate is imprisoned in the woody cells of the trunks and there it remains retaining metals. In this way the fruits of the phytic trees do not contain heavy metals. They are pure foods that do not age.

The fruits of the phytic trees of EDEN are transgenic fruits created by extraterrestrial genetic engineering ELOHIM.

The fruits of the phytic trees of EDEN provide food and medicine at the same time. They produce "anaerobic cell killer" drugs. "Anaerobic cell killer" drugs only kill anaerobic (bad) cells. They respect aerobic (healthy) cells. All bad cells work with anaerobic metabolism because it produces more energy per unit of time than the aerobic pathway of healthy cells. Both cancer cells, as well as those infected by viruses, as well as microbial cells of infectious pathogens and auto-immune cells function with anaerobic metabolism. All diseases are anaerobic. There are no aerobic diseases.
The phytic trees of EDEN have accompanied Adamic humanity since its inception. They provide him with pure food and live medicines to avoid getting old and sick. And without economic profit.

Anaerobic Cell Killer Drugs Kill Cancer

The pre-ADAMICs had genetics governed by an oncogene. The oncogene within each cell ruled them all at once. All cells were cancerous and cancer, in the pre-ADAMIC was general.

With the advent of ADAM came the " tumor suppressor gene ". And the genetic control went from the oncogene to the tumor suppressor gene. Now ADAMIC cells are not anaerobic cancer, they are NON-CANCEROUS AEROBICs governed by the tumor suppressor gene.
Daughter cells are exact to stem cells only they have all 60 telomeres blocked and cannot divide. Stem cells are mother for life and cannot be daughters. Daughter cells are daughters for life, in the sense that they cannot be "mother", they cannot and should not divide. But on certain occasions, when the human resorts to pre-ADAMIC genetics, which he still preserves, that is, when he calls the oncogene to activate the aerobic pathway and produce more energy, for example in athletes to win in competition, that is when there is a risk of falling into cancer. It is convenient not to wake up the sleeping oncogene because now it no longer has overall control of the cells. And if it wakes up it can lose the blockage of the telomeres of a daughter cell. When a daughter cell is unlocked it does not become a stem cell with the will to divide once in a "limited anti-aging" plan, but becomes a cancer cell, governed by the oncogene, with the will to divide non-stop to regenerate (rejuvenate) everything around it. The result of a cancer cell is a localized rejuvenation in the form of a tumor. The tumor continues to grow until the oppressed structures burst. Simply because a daughter cell has awakened its sleeping inner oncogene.

To prevent cancer from being in the future Adamic humanity the first cause of death in the ADAMIC who frequently used their pre-ADAMIC genetics, the Elohim created the transgenic fruits with "anaerobic cell killer" medicine. Such is the case of resveratrol from black grapes, or anandamide from cannabis, or melatonin from walnut, pistachio and hazelnut, or amygdalin from bitter almonds.

Adamic humans have free will. They can use at every moment of their lives any of the two genetics they have. Both pre-ADAMIC CANCEROUS and NON-CANCEROUS ADAMIC. YOUR HEALTH IS IN YOUR DECISION.


The EDEN diet is composed of fruit, milk and honey. Prevents cancer and aging.

How does the skin age?

People who do not follow the EDEN diet age and get sick. Aging is consecutive to cell death precipitated by metals present in an impure diet.




You can rejuvenate a limited area of skin to look younger in that area, be it the hands, face, etc.

Artificial rejuvenation cell therapy consists of taking the stem cells from an area of the skin and transplanting them to the area we want to rejuvenate. The stem cells in their new location detect daughter cells that ask to commit suicide to leave their place to others of younger age. They come to their daughters' call and give them permission to commit suicide. When the daughter cells have committed suicide, the mothers duplicate and generate new daughter cells that go on to occupy the empty space left by their sisters dead.