Stem cells, alive amygdalin, and resveratrol in cancer
Stem cells have the function of replacing daughter cells so that the body does not age as its cells wear out. When a daughter cell has finished its useful life, it decides that the time has come to leave its place to a younger sister. It is then that she expresses old age receptors on the surface of her membrane and her mother comes to see her. When the mother arrives, the daughter commits suicide. The mother duplicates herself and creates a new daughter who happens to take the place of her late sister.
In this way the body is constantly renewed and youth or vivacity does not decline.
Stem cells have a limited number of cell divisions. They cannot spend them indefinitely. When they are finished, nothing is changed.
Good daughter cells must always be children, without being able to duplicate. When a daughter cell duplicates, it does not become a stem cell but a cancer one. The daughter cell that becomes malignant does not want to commit suicide but eternally duplicates itself until it grows and kills.
Stem cells do not kill their daughters, they only accompany them until their death. However there are substances that can induce suicide of cancer cells. Such is the case with acid cannabidiol.
Other substances directly kill cancer cells. Such is the case of the amygdalin from the bitter almond prunus amygdalus amara, and the resveratrol from the black grape.

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